Where Wool Meets Mohair

It’s been a long time coming and...we are revolutionizing the wool sock! Everyone knows wool comes from sheep right? But, did you know goats can produce fiber, too?

That’s right - goats produce mohair.

💎Mohair, the Diamond fiber, is a game changer. Mohair is silky soft and is produced by really cute curly haired goats! Adding mohair to wool makes for super soft and comfy socks all year ‘round!! ☀️

WOOL + MOHAIR = A new ERA for your feet! Discover Caprine mohair socks - your feet will thank you! 🧦

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Behind the Scenes

At home on the ranch in North Idaho, three of our goats are checking out what their mohair has turned into...socks!

You can see how their horns have inspired the Caprine logo design. It's all in the details!

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We're the Women behind Caprine!

In Bonners Ferry, Idaho we make the magic happen! Hi, I'm Angela in the middle and on my left is Rachel, and on my right is, Sarah. These are two of my daughters and we do it all!

Rachel is our ranch manager and head shearer.

Sarah is our marketing and media head and chief goat kid tamer.

I'm the operations and logistics gal and often play vet on the ranch.

We work together and do everything from maintaining our goat herd to shipping Caprine orders.

Thanks for being here!

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Wear your Caprines wherever your adventure takes you! Designed to be worn indoors and out, keeping you comfortable and adding spring to every step.

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