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Who is Caprine?

Caprine is a premium mohair knitwear brand based in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, dedicated to promoting sustainability and slow fashion. We keep it natural and proudly Made in America, using mohair from our own angora goats and supporting fellow angora goat ranchers across the nation. Our mission is to create goods that not only feel good but make you feel good about your purchase.

Let's talk Angora Goats

They're not sheep and they don't produce wool, which is a common misconception. Caprine is here to change that!

Starting with our name, Caprine (kuh-preen), which is the scientific name for goat, how perfect is that?!

Angora goats produce mohair, which is also known as the diamond fiber. Mohair is incredibly lustrous, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, fire resistant, and more.

When mohair is blended with wool you get the best of both worlds. The silkiness and extreme durability from mohair, and the bounce and memory from wool.

Once you use mohair there's no going back, you'll see when you try Caprine!

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We're the Women behind Caprine!

In Bonners Ferry, Idaho we make the magic happen! Hi, I'm Angela in the middle and on my left is Rachel, and on my right is, Sarah. These are two of my daughters and we do it all!

Rachel is our ranch manager and head shearer.

Sarah is our marketing and media head and chief goat kid tamer.

I'm the operations and logistics gal and often play vet on the ranch.

We work together and do everything from maintaining our goat herd to shipping Caprine orders.

Thanks for being here!

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Wear your Caprines wherever your adventure takes you! Designed to be worn indoors and out, keeping you comfortable and adding spring to every step.

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