Welcome to Caprine!

Caprine makes naturally soft socks in the USA with American mohair. We are dedicated to making useful mohair goods that last. Sustainability and quality are of the utmost importance and that's something you can not only see, but feel.


Hi, we're Rachel, Angela, & Sarah!

Created by Angela, Caprine is the brand for the family ranch. Angela and her two daughters, Rachel and Sarah, work together to make Caprine possible. From raising the goat kids to shearing, we do it all. We have our hand in every step of the process, including our supply chain once our mohair leaves the ranch.

Let's talk Angora Goats

They're not sheep and they don't produce wool, which is a common misconception. Caprine is here to change that!

Starting with our name, Caprine (kuh-preen), which is the scientific name for goat, how perfect is that?!

Angora goats produce mohair, which is also known as the diamond fiber. Mohair is incredibly lustrous, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, fire resistant, and more.

When mohair is blended with wool you get the best of both worlds. The silkiness and extreme durability from mohair, and the bounce and memory from wool.

Once you use mohair there's no going back, you'll see when you try Caprine!


Red Falcon Ranch

Our beloved angora goats each have a name and are our pride and joy. We personally care for them every day and do all our shearing in-house to ensure a smooth and stress-free environment. While producing mohair for Caprine, our goats enjoy grazing on green pastures, bouncing around, and getting plenty of naps.

  • Honey

  • Enya

  • Tilly

  • Hanalei

  • Lutsen

  • Lagertha

Behind the Scenes

At home on the ranch in North Idaho, three of our goats are checking out what their mohair has turned into...socks!

You can see how their horns have inspired the Caprine logo design. It's all in the details!

  • Knee High Sock

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  • Botanically Dyed Cable Knit Crew Sock

    Process & Material

    Botanically dyed in Pennsylvania at a small woman owned shop. Made with natural wool and mohair fibers, these socks are moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and odor controlling. 

  • Crew Sock

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